Do you want to live out your favorite movie scenes where the lovers stare into each other’s eyes in the pouring rain? 

But how funny would it be if the water affects the makeup, causing the actors’ fake eyelashes to fall off? To avoid a similar scenario in real-life (and obviously for health benefits), it would be best to replace the artificial lashes and focus on natural growth. 

That’s where Babe Lash comes into the picture, with its rejuvenating, replenishing, and nourishing products, delivering an attractive appearance. You will have thicker eyebrows, plump and hydrated lips, and long eyelashes to leave a lasting impression on anyone. 

In this guide, we have narrowed down the ten best products from Babe Lash and highlighted what makes the brand special. 

Top 10 Babe Lash Product Reviews

1. Essential Serum 

Are you tired of using eyelash extensions and want a permanent solution for healthy eyelash growth? Thanks to its fast action formula, the Babe Lash Essential Serum is just what you need, which delivers healthier eyelashes in a few weeks. Apply the serum regularly, and you’ll find that your lashes have grown significantly; a thin line, just above the top lash line should suffice. 

Ensure that the area is dry and clean, and allow the solution to rest for two minutes to get natural, beautiful, and longer lashes. But how does the formula work? We found a hydrating agent that results in stronger and thicker lashes. Moreover, due to the skin-friendly formula, people with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about rashes. 


May lead to red and irritated eyes in some cases. 


This Babe Lash serum is suitable if you stop using false eyelashes and invest in a natural beauty treatment. It can help you attain fuller lashes in just a couple of weeks. 

2. Conditioner 

Among products that will help you grow long lashes, the Babe Lash Conditioner stands out. Compared to other Babe Lash serums, it comes in a peptide and biotin-rich formula to strengthen the lashes. As a result, after regular use, you may find yourself with longer and fuller eyelashes, thereby guaranteeing excellent results. We recommend applying the serum on the upper lash line, to clean, dry skin. 

That said, how does peptide and biotin help? The former conditions and nourishes the lashes while the latter promotes growth, resulting in softer but thicker eyelashes in a few months. Moreover, thanks to the natural ingredients in the formula, people with sensitive eyes need not worry about side effects. You can use it with lash extensions and on your eyebrows every morning to notice the difference it makes. 


Results in inflamed eyelids if it slips into the eyes. 


It improves growth, making your eyelashes healthy and soft, provided that you can apply a small amount to the base of the lashes. 

3. Eyelash Serum And Mascara Kit 

It’s not enough to look after your eyelashes only; that’s why Babe Lash offers consumers the chance to purchase its Mascara Kit. The serum will help you achieve naturally healthy and bushy eyelashes; you can glam up for any party with the mascara. In other words, it’s a lifestyle and health product combined into one. Also, you won’t have to wear false lashes since the booster formula improves the growth cycle. 

Moving on, this Babe Lash serum is easy to use, and applying it once a day should be enough to produce noticeable results. Before using it, make sure that the lashes are clean and dry, following which you can add a thin layer above the top line. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, before heading out, and you’ll be good to go. 


Some consumers have trouble with reddening and inflamed eyes after application. 


The serum increases the length and health of the eyelashes, but with the smudge-free mascara, your makeup will last longer. Meaning, it’s a winning combination, permitting you to flaunt bold and dramatic eyelashes. 

4. Brow Serum 

Similar to improving the eyelash growth cycle, Babe Lash has a brow serum to help you get bushy eyebrows. It may so happen that the hair growth over your brows is inconsistent, resulting in patchy areas for which this serum comes in handy. You will find that it contains castor oil, antioxidants, and essential vitamins to restore the health of your eyebrows to their former condition. 

Along with that, the manufacturers have infused the formula with amino acids, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate (which is a hydrating agent), and biotin for repair. Rest assured, if it’s used in the correct amount, you won’t have to spend every day in front of the mirror worrying about your thinning brow line. Nor do you have to spend a considerable amount of time plucking unwanted hair to maintain your eyebrow shape. 


Slightly oily solution, but the moisture fades away after a while. 


If you’ve started losing chunks of eyebrow hair, then this product is just what you need. The easy-to-use serum helps repair and rejuvenate patchy eyebrows without causing any allergic reaction. 

5. Volumizing Eyebrow Filler 

Another fantastic product for taking good care of your eyebrows is the Babe Lash Volumizing Eyebrow Filler. You should get a thicker and healthier texture naturally, while the brow gel will keep the hairs in place, reducing the need for regular maintenance. In other words, it ensures that there’s no unnatural hair growth, permitting you to look good for any occasion, thanks to the inclusion of biotin and peptide. 

What’s more impressive is that it’s sun-resistant and smudge-proof to reduce clumping while delivering long-lasting results. So, it’s easy to apply the required amount on your brows without worrying about external elements affecting the formula’s potency. Speaking of easy, it comes with a brush that makes applying the solution convenient. Start from the inner edge of your brows and move outwards with short brush movements for an even coating. 


It may dry out quickly, which is an inconvenience. 


Applying two coats of the solution should be enough to facilitate healthy brow growth so that you look good without any special makeup. 

6. Lush And Luster Kit 

Using the Babe Lash Lush And Luster Kit allows you to enjoy the benefits of its Essential Serum and Conditioner in one product. We found that the serum delivers thicker and naturally healthier eyelashes while the conditioner facilitates the growth cycle, making them longer. As a result, this dual combination works best to improve the health and luster of your eyelashes compared to other products. 

Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of several organic compounds like peptides, natural plant extracts, and biotin to strengthen the lashes for an attractive appearance. We were also pleased with the convenient travel kit they come in, permitting you to carry them without any hassle. So, even when you’re on holiday, you don’t have to forego the skincare routine and can apply a small amount of the serum every night. 


Some people may experience red and inflamed eyelids even with such a small amount. 


This affordably priced eyelash kit is suitable for anyone tired of using fake lashes and wanting to enjoy longer, healthier eyelashes naturally. 

7. Enriching Mascara 

When using mascara, you’re only thinking about how you look and whether it makes the eyes pop for a beautiful appearance. But what if we told you that there are health benefits of using mascara? No, we are not kidding, and with the Babe Lash Enriching Mascara, you can look glamorous without compromising on the health of your eyelashes. It’s rich in peptides and features a smudge-proof formula for nourishment. 

As a result, you should get longer and thicker eyelashes with regular use while the mascara hydrates the eyes to reduce irritation. Cover your upper and lower lashes in a generous amount, and you’ll be all set to attend meetings, catch up with friends, or go to the movies. In other words, it’s the ideal makeup buddy, while the antioxidant formula promotes overall eye health. 


As the tube gets older, the color and lusciousness of the mascara deteriorate.  


You can apply the mascara smoothly from different angles with the curved brush, allowing the olive oil-rich solution to protect and nourish the eyelashes. 

8. Enriching Liquid Eyeliner 

So far, we have looked at products featuring peptides as the hero ingredient, but the Babe Lash Enriching Liquid Eyeliner chooses to use pentapeptides. Now, you might be wondering how the latter is different? Pentapeptides have more enriching benefits, with people enjoying luscious and longer eyelashes after regular use. Moreover, this compound conditions and nourishes the eyelashes, thanks to its superior pigmentation. 

Not to mention, the solution is water-resistant and smudge-proof so that the eyeliner doesn’t fade away under external elements. Hence, your eyes will appear beautiful and sharp at any event or party. Moving on, you’ll find that it comes with a precision tip brush that’s super flexible, thereby allowing you to apply the jet black formula over each eye smoothly. 


Occasionally, the solution may be too watery, leading to splattering and smears. 


The jet black finish and peptide-rich solution suit your makeup needs while also maintaining eye health. 

9. Plumping Lip Jelly 

We have spoken a lot about eyelashes, but Babe Lash has other skin beauty products like the Plumping Lip Jelly. If you want fuller, thicker lips like your favorite movie stars, this glossy lip gel might be just what you need. Moreover, the lip gloss comes in a clear, mauve color so that you can get ready for any party in a jiffy. 

The jelly smoothly covers the lip, working as a suitable makeup item while the enriching formula hydrates the skin, guaranteeing freshness for long intervals. What’s more impressive is that as the gel starts setting, you will experience a cool sensation, following which your lips will assume a plump appearance. The formula contains sodium hyaluronate and VBE to enhance skin health. 


First-timers may find it challenging to get an even tone due to smudging. 


If you’re worried about dry lips, the Plumping Lip Jelly comes in handy to moisturize the lips, guaranteeing plumpness for long durations. 

10. Volumizing Mascara 

Like the eyelash growth serum, the volumizing mascara accentuates the eyes for a striking appearance. You can complement your beautifully shaded eyes with a dramatic dress, without requiring any expensive cosmetics or harmful eyelash serums. What’s more, it enhances eyelash growth, protecting them from damage or breakage. Meaning, once you apply this product, it reduces eyelash loss by strengthening the hair follicles and resulting in naturally longer lashes. 

You’ll find that the box contains a tapered brush, perfect for evenly coating the lashes while contributing to a natural lift. Hence, you can conveniently color the lashes from various angles, making it easy to apply the mascara. Not to forget, the outer surface of the brush is also suitable for wide-angle operations, allowing you to shade the outer corner of the eye with a slight swoosh. 


Some users have noticed flaking after prolonged use. 


Long story short, the Volumizing Mascara works great as party makeup in addition to protecting the lashes from damage. Over time, the length of the eyelashes increases and features a natural lift for an attractive appearance. 


Having gone through our Babe Lash review of the top products, you would want to know about the ingredients that make them effective. We have shortlisted the important compounds below, highlighting their worth in eyelash growth serums, lip gels, and brow volumizers. 

1. Biotin 

Remember our Babe Lash serum review and how it contains biotin[1]? While the compound is doubly potent when manufacturers combine it with peptides and other organic ingredients, it still packs a punch individually. 

Also known as Vitamin B7, it repairs and rejuvenates eyelashes to reduce breakage. Additionally, it strengthens the eyelashes and enhances their growth. 

2. Arginine 

The Babe Lash eyelash serum contains arginine[2], which has regenerative properties for eyelash growth. It contains essential nutrients to nourish the skin and lashes, thereby reducing the need for lash extensions. 

Plus, your eyelashes will grow in length with daily use and get a natural lift for the best results. 

3. Hyaluronic Acid 

As you know by now, hyaluronic acid[3] is a powerful hydrating agent that prevents your eyebrows and lashes from becoming dull and rough. Being hygroscopic, this compound absorbs moisture from the air for nourishment, resulting in brow and eyelash growth. 

Understandably, it adds strength and increases the volume while conditioning the brow and lash line. 

4. Provitamin B5

Before applying anything to your eyes or lips, you might wonder if the product has harmful side effects? Luckily, due to the presence of provitamin B5[4], you won’t have to worry about skin irritation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

It also has regenerative applications, which, combined with its ability to absorb moisture, provide nourishment and improve the growth cycle. Not to mention, it acts as a healing compound so that you won’t face issues with brittle or dry lashes that break. 

5. Amino Glycan Glucose 

Like provitamin B5 another compound that you can usually find in eyelash growth serums is amino glycan glucose[5]. We found that it regenerates the lashes and follicles and heals the damaged portions, permitting new hair to grow. 

Moreover, you can maintain healthy lashes without worrying about external elements ruining them due to its hydrating properties. Thus, your eyes appear livelier, and consumers who have used products containing this compound noticed a huge difference in skin health after a few weeks. 

Are They Worth It? 

The long and short of it is that Babe Lash is definitely worth the investment, thanks to its range of skincare products. Most importantly, they are available in a vegan-friendly formula, featuring plant extracts to reduce the chances of side effects. 

You can use any product seven times a week, or even more than that, to get fuller and healthier lashes. For instance, the mascara acts as a suitable makeup tool and nourishes the skin, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of several items in one affordable product.  

That’s not to say that Babe Lash is a flawless brand, as some consumers have found it challenging to see noticeable results. But with patience and regular use, you’re more likely to end up with thicker eyebrows, longer lashes, and plump lips after a few weeks. 

Where To Buy Babe Lash Products?

You can buy the Babe Lash eyelash serum and any of its products online or by visiting their nearest store. However, to be safe and for an authentic purchase, it would be best to visit the official website. 

This guarantees that you don’t end up buying fake products from a shady page, while consumers can hold the brand accountable if there are any issues. Plus, you get to enjoy benefits like free shipping, hassle-free returns, and a satisfaction guarantee that won’t be available otherwise. 

You can also purchase from trustworthy third-party sites like Amazon if needed. 

Benefits Of Babe Lash 

There are several benefits of using skincare products from Babe Lash, and we have shortlisted some of the essential aspects below: 

1. Organic Ingredients

Babe Lash uses organic ingredients that are highly effective and help improve skin health naturally. When compared to artificial ingredients, they are less likely to cause side effects, so they can be used daily and get noticeable results. 

The manufacturers extract all the ingredients from plants and research their benefits before combining them in a formula. In other words, you won’t need to wear artificial lashes anymore as the potent combination enhances the eyelash growth cycle, among other things. 

2. Multiple Choices 

Various products are available on the official website, such as eyelash serums, brow volumizers, and lip gloss. You can choose the most suitable accessory based on your desired skincare routine or the results that you want to see. 

That said, all the compounds promote overall physical health, ensuring that you won’t experience issues like patchy eyebrows or dry lips in the future. 

3. Easy Application 

A common thread that links all the Babe Lash skincare products is easy to use. First-timers and professionals alike can use these compounds without any hassle. 

There’s also no dosage as such, and applying the serums or volumizers before going to bed or early in the morning is enough to achieve the desired effect.

4. Long-Lasting 

One of the best things about Babe Lash is that the compounds deliver long-lasting results. For instance, the eyeliners are smudge-proof and weather resistant so that natural elements can’t affect your makeup. 

At the same time, it allows the nutrients and vitamins to rejuvenate and replenish the skin, thanks to their healing and regenerative properties. Plus, hydrating compounds in the formula moisturize the skin to prevent dryness in the lips and strengthen the hair follicles. 


That’s a wrap on today’s discussion about Babe Lash and why it’s one of the most sought-after brands. 

Whether it’s your first-time buying skincare products or you’re a veteran when it comes to skincare routines, Babe Lash has numerous items on offer. For instance, its serums and gels are suitable for both morning and nighttime routines, and using Babe Lash may deliver fast results in a couple of months. 

Additionally, the organic ingredients result in healthier lash and brow growth, including improving the overall skin texture and hydrating the eyes and lips. Also, they improve the lashes’ growth cycle, ensuring that you won’t have to use fake products that irritate the skin. 

So, choose a product suitable to your skincare needs and get ready to turn heads at any party! 







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