Several skincare products available on the market promise to help people regain their youthful skin.

But you know as well as we do that only a few of these compounds might work. After all, it’s not possible to look like a 20-year old when you’re in your 40s with the inevitable stretch marks, sagging skin, and fine lines. 

However, certain products like the XYZ smart collagen may prove useful given that the brand has conducted scientific research into the aging process. Naturally, it doesn’t call itself a miracle formula but says that the XYZ smart collagen cream might suit all skin types. 

It’s no secret that the success of skincare products depends on several factors like skin texture, sun exposure, and active ingredients present in them. So, we decided to write the XYZ smart collagen review to see if it’s as good as it claims to be.

Clinically Proven Results

Help improve your skin’s natural collagen production to lift, firm and smooth the skin and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles.

XYZ Collagen Review

Fast Facts

Compound: Collagen 
Type Of Ingredient: Natural protein 
Main Benefits: May result in smooth skin and fewer wrinkles to reduce visible signs of aging 
Who Should Use It: Women above 20 years can use the smart collagen formula irrespective of their skin type
How Often Can You Use It: It would be best to use the cream for 12 weeks as that’s the minimum time needed to possibly see noticeable results. You have to apply it twice daily, during the day, and once before bedtime, to freshly cleansed skin. 
Active Ingredients: Contains leaf extracts of Bulbine frutescens, a South African plant. The manufacturers cold-press the leaves and extract the pure leaf sap without damaging the essential compounds. 
About The Brand: XYZ Collagen is a cream for people with aging skin made by Wolfson Brands Limited. With over 10 years of industry experience, it designs cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals through modern scientific research. 

What Is XYZ Smart Collagen? 

Those who don’t know, collagen (1) is a natural protein found in the body that has a massive effect on the body structure. It is found in the blood vessels, teeth, bones, and skin, making it an important component of skincare products. 

With time, the collagen level in the body decreases, leading to wrinkles and fine lines, which the XYZ smart collagen may help correct. The formula contains active ingredients along with natural cosmetics to help consumers regain their youthful and healthy skin. 

As per the website, consumers who use the XYZ smart collagen may stop the metaphorical aging clock for younger-looking skin in 12 weeks. In other words, it may improve collagen production (2) naturally, thereby helping people get firmer skin. 

That said, we can sum up the results that XYZ smart collagen may deliver in three points: 

1. Natural Ingredients

The manufacturers have carefully chosen the ingredients present in the formula, so you need not worry much about side effects. Moreover, the brand extracts these organic compounds from sustainably grown plants using modern manufacturing techniques. 

For instance, cold-pressing (3) the leaves may ensure that the essential compounds remain intact. 

2. Smart Collagen Management 

You should know that the collagen balance in the body plays a crucial role in skin texture. Naturally, the cream balances collagen production and collagen breakdown to reduce stretch marks for youthful-looking skin. Long story short, it may increase skin firmness to make you look younger (4). 

3. Clinically Proven Formula 

We have already spoken about how the brand uses scientific data to formulate the XYZ smart collagen cream; not surprisingly, it has the backing of dermatologists. The production team ensures that nothing is left to chance and has tested the cream on real women to deliver clinically proven results. 

All you need to do is use it regularly for 12 weeks, and it may offer noticeable results, such as smoother, tighter, and less wrinkled skin.

What Is Smart Collagen Management? 

Although we have mentioned it in passing, it’s vital to discuss what smart collagen management is all about. This will help you distinguish between XYZ smart collagen and other skincare products available on the market. 

Speaking of other products, we should tell you that the primary ingredient in cosmetic collagen boosters is TGF-β,(5) including its alternatives. While it may increase collagen production, the flip side is that the body’s collagen levels may spiral out of control. 

In such a scenario, high-quality collagen production decreases; that’s why most creams fail to deliver the desired results. To explain in detail, the collagen boosters stimulate the skin cells called fibroblasts (6) to produce more collagen. 

Along with that, it sends the body’s immune system into overdrive, producing leukotrienes (7) that may further stimulate the fibroblasts. But due to the absence of elastin (8) that’s responsible for skin elasticity, the uncontrolled collagen levels lead to sagging skin. 

Interestingly, XYZ smart collagen may stop uncontrolled collagen boost, thanks to its organic and 100% natural formula. As a result, though the fibroblasts lead to new collagen production, the cream cuts off leukotriene synthesis. 

In other words, the skin’s natural inflammatory response remains intact despite the body’s collagen levels. Meaning, the new collagen production may not affect the quality of your skin; rather, you can expect the high-quality collagen to produce long-lasting and visible results. 

What Are The Ingredients In XYZ Smart Collagen? 

Now, let’s talk about the XYZ smart collagen ingredients that may make the formula potent. All the active compounds are 100% plant-based and extracted using modern manufacturing techniques so that they may not lead to side effects.

Out of all the compounds, the leap sap that the manufacturers have extracted from the Bulbine frutescens plant may prove the most vital. Scientists have found two compounds in the leaf sap that directly impact how smart collagen works. 

Long story short, it increases collagen production and simultaneously reduces collagen breakdown without affecting normal bodily functions. All of this occurs in the dermis and may not stimulate the body’s immune response, preventing low collagen production or overload. 

For better understanding, we have highlighted the essential points about the active compounds below: 

A. Natural Cosmetics 

When we say natural cosmetics, it means that it contains only organic ingredients that help deliver the full array of smart collagen benefits. We were pleased to see that it follows the health and safety standards of the industry so that it’s safe for all skin types. 

Moreover, the manufacturers use raw materials extracted from sustainable growing practices, making it vegan-friendly. There are also no artificial compounds in the formula, and you won’t find palm kernel oils or minerals either. 

B. Innovative Extraction Method 

Although several extraction techniques exist, the brand has steered clear of blade-based extraction as it tends to damage the active compounds. Instead, it uses the cold-pressed extraction method to draw out the pure sap from plant leaves to reduce exposure to heat and oxygen. 

As a result, the high-quality leaf sap proves vital as it gives the formula its potency. Meaning, after using it for the stipulated time, your skin will most likely develop a natural glow with a smooth texture. 

Benefits Of XYZ Smart Collagen

Now, we come to the most crucial aspect of this guide: the XYZ smart collagen benefits. We have touched upon some of these points previously, but it’s time to look at the expected advantages in greater detail.

So, if you are thinking, “will the XYZ smart collagen work?” Read the following points: 

1. Reduces Stretch Marks

To improve the appearance and help consumers get youthful skin, the XYZ smart collagen helps reduce stretch marks, making it a potent product for all women.  

2. Reduce Wrinkles 

Along with stretch marks, regularly using the cream can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and eyes. In other words, irrespective of facial shapes, you get smooth skin, making it one of the best anti-aging creams. 

Some of the areas it targets are crow’s feet, forehead lines, and smile lines. 

3. Skin Texture 

Many consumers have reported that it possibly refines skin texture, making you look younger and rejuvenated. You will most likely find that your face is softer than before and appears radiant. 

4. Tightens Skin 

You may not know that removing wrinkles isn’t the only way to tighten the skin. As skin architects will tell you, elasticity, density, and firmness are crucial components for younger-looking skin, which this formula may target. Not to mention, it works on both the face and neck for all-round effect. 

5. Lifts & Contours 

The cream comes in handy for lifts and contours to reduce sagging skin while further defining your facial features for a naturally vibrant appearance. In other words, it helps make the cheek and jaw lines more prominent, similar to a sculpted appearance. 

Clinical Trials 

To highlight why XYZ smart collagen is in high demand, we decided to give you a brief insight into the clinical trials conducted by scientists. The brand took help from a certified dermatologist who carried out a double-blind placebo study on 21 women aged between 45 and 65. 

These women used the cream for 84 days (twice daily), during which the dermatologist collected data on the first, 42nd, and last day. This showed that the women experienced significant benefits on the middle and last day. 

After that, the dermatologist showed before and after images of a woman who had used the XYZ smart collagen cream to others, asking them to guess her age. The group that viewed the “before” image estimated her to be 52 years of age, which was correct. 

However, the other group who saw the image after using the cream placed her at 45 years, seven years younger. 

Side Effects Of XYZ Smart Collagen 

Despite several possible advantages, using too much of the XYZ smart collagen may have side effects. However, given that it’s a natural formula, none of these symptoms are likely to be too serious, so you need not worry. 

Before using the product, it would be best to make sure that it suits your skin type by checking the ingredients present in the formula. If you are already on some medication, we suggest going to a doctor to ensure that it may not lead to major health issues. 

In some cases, the smell of the cream might prove overpowering but other than that, there aren’t any major downsides. 

How To Use It? 

Using the XYZ smart collagen cream is easy, and we have shortlisted the basic steps below to help you achieve the desired results. 

1. Twice A Day 

You need to use the cream for 12 weeks, twice a day on your freshly cleansed face for the best results. The best times are during the morning and before going to bed at night for all-round effect. 

2. Gentle Upward Strokes 

With gentle strokes, you need to smoothen the cream over your face and neck so that the skin has time to absorb it. 

3. Be Delicate 

Next comes the area under the eyes and nose, meaning you need to be very careful. You don’t need us to tell you that the cream will burn if it gets in the eyes, but it’s also important to remove fine lines. That’s why you should take care to avoid the tear duct and lower lids while applying it. 

4. Use Sunscreen 

One of the foremost reasons for aging skin is sun exposure, meaning simply applying the XYZ smart collagen may not be enough. It would be best to apply sunscreen every morning to ensure that the anti-aging properties don’t go to waste. 

Where To Buy The XYZ Smart Collagen Cream? 

If you have liked what we have narrated so far, you might be wondering how to purchase this clinically-tested anti-aging cream. While several websites are available online, it would be best to visit the official brand page to make an authentic purchase. 

Not to mention, the navigable website is extremely user-friendly and has all the information related to this unique product. Meaning, you can study the data and verify the facts to make an informed purchase. 

The website also provides exclusive offers, discussed in the next section. 

Bonus Features 

If you choose to buy XYZ smart collagen cream, you’ll be pleased to note that it comes with its fair share of offers, discounts, and more. We have highlighted some of these bonus features to help you: 

1. Flash Sale 

It would help if you kept a close watch on the official XYZ smart collagen website because the marketing team runs several campaigns to attract buyers. One of these events is the flash sale, whereby consumers have to purchase within 24 hours to avail a discount of 20% on the total price. 

All you need is to apply the coupon code and select the preferred package before placing the order. 

2. Multiple Options 

Speaking of packages, you will find multiple options available on the website suitable for first-time users or those who want to make bulk purchases. A single pack of the XYZ collagen cream is the least costly but may also run out quickly; understandably, the 2+1 pack of three creams is the most popular. 

Moreover, you get a substantial discount with this pack which increases further when consumers purchase the largest option. This consists of five containers (3+2), suitable for avid users who don’t want the hassle of ordering every couple of months. 

3. Shipping Policy 

It has an excellent shipping policy and delivers the packages for free on all orders in the United States. Consumers can also get next-day delivery, depending on the location and the distance. 

Once the brand ships the package, every customer receives an order ID and billing email to keep track of the delivery. And in case of any queries, you can contact customer support via call or send them an email at any convenient time as they are available 24×7. 

XYZ Smart Collagen Customer Reviews 

Thanks to its well-researched ingredients and scientific formula, most customers have said positive things about the XYZ smart collagen cream. In fact, even first-time users reported that it made their skin soft and less dry. 

They are also of the opinion that it shows noticeable results after three weeks, but the results might get enhanced after prolonged use. Other than that, certain customers like how it feels against the skin, with lines and wrinkles possibly reducing after regular use. 

Overall, most people love the performance of the cream and don’t mind adding it to their daily routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do You Need A Prescription To Purchase It? 

There is no need for a prescription because the cream uses completely natural ingredients; meanwhile, it’s also certified by dermatologists. However, it would help if you consulted a doctor to be safe, especially if you are already taking medication. 

Q. What Are The Benefits Of The Natural Ingredients? 

The primary natural ingredient is the plant Bulbine frutescens,(9) from which the manufacturers extract the pure leaf sap. Apart from its usefulness in skincare products, it offers several other advantages: 

  • For insect bites 
  • Rashes 
  • Blisters 
  • Acne 
  • Cracked lip 
  • Itchy skin 
  • Sunburn 

Q. Is XYZ Smart Collagen Cream Safe? 

Since it contains 100% natural and organic ingredients, this anti-aging cream is safe for most skin types and women of all ages. For further information, consumers can check the data available on the website to determine the brand’s credibility. 

While there may be no major side effects, the strong odor might not cater to everyone’s liking. That said, any side effects will only be temporary, so you need not worry. 

Q. Who Should Not Use XYZ Smart Collagen Formula? 

Due to its anti-aging properties, it would be best if women under 20 years refrain from using the cream. The aging process and collagen breakdown set in after the teen years, meaning young girls may not need to try this formula. 

What’s more, people with allergies or issues related to the skin need to consult a doctor before using it. A medical professional can check the ingredients to determine if the cream might suit you. 

Q. Is The XYZ Smart Collagen Certified? 

You will be pleased to know that this cream has received certification from not one but four companies, namely Nagoya, EcoCert, Cosmos, and Nature Complaint. This means that the brand fulfills its promise of designing a gluten-free and vegan-friendly formula while adhering to the highest production and safety standards.  

Moreover, the company uses sustainable extraction methods, and Cosmos checks that it contains only organic ingredients. Long story short, it has to go through a series of tests and trials before reaching the market shelves. 

Q. Is The XYZ Smart Collagen Clinically Proven To Work? 

Even though there is hardly any guarantee to skin-care products, dermatologists have undertaken clinical tests to determine the formula’s efficacy. These are mostly placebo-controlled tests, showing that the cream may deliver positive results after a few months of regular use. 

To know more about it, you can visit the website which contains all the information.

Final Words

That’s all there is to know about XYZ smart collagen; hopefully, you have all the information related to this unique product. 

It’s evident from the guide that compared to other skincare supplements, the brand has invested considerable time and effort to design this scientific formula. Naturally, it’s highly likely to offer several benefits if you follow the instructions and remain patient. 

If you have anything more to share, let us know in the comments section below. Meanwhile, refer to our guide before purchasing the cream, and you won’t go wrong. 

We will be back with more exciting reads. See you soon! 

Clinically Proven Results

Help improve your skin’s natural collagen production to lift, firm and smooth the skin and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles.











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