Are you looking for a cream that’ll help hide those stubborn wrinkles and take away a few years from your age? 

If that’s the case, we might have just what you’re looking for. The Kollagen Intensiv® Skinception wrinkle cream is known for eliminating skin wrinkles, fine lines, diminishing crow’s feet, and evening the skin tone by minimizing dark circles.

Our instant wrinkle reducer review is filled with all the important information about the product. Read on to get a few of your skin health questions answered!

67 Day Guarantee
Kollagen Intensiv

This ground-breaking anti-aging wrinkle cream comes to you straight from the heart of Switzerland. It's formulated with the patented peptide SYN®-COLL, which has been clinically proven to reduce the signs of facial aging on REAL women, with results that have included...

Fast Facts

Primary Ingredient:  SYN®-COLL
Main Benefits: SYN®-COLL is a topical protein polymer that reduces wrinkles and fine lines by enhancing collagen production in the body. 
Who Should Use It: Anyone who wants to reduce skin aging, wrinkles, and minimize dark circles.
How Often Can You Use It:  The cream consists of multiple ingredients, but almost all of them are natural so there isn’t any harm in using it everyday. Since it lasts for a couple of hours on the skin, you should apply it twice each day for optimum results.
Works Well With: Shea butter and Hyaluronic acid
Don’t Use With: Any other collagen booster

Overview Of The Instant Wrinkle Reducer Skinception 

The Skinception cream is clinically-proven to boost collagen production in your body and reduce deep skin wrinkles considerably. 

In fact, as mentioned on the website, a clinical study shows that volunteers who used the cream twice every day for 84 days straight reported these results with an improvement in the skin texture. This was considerably better than the placebo. 

Furthermore, it’s a natural product produced using organic ingredients and doesn’t contain any artificial or synthetic filler. So, it most likely won’t pose any serious skin issue, health problem, or medical emergency.

How Does The Skinception Instant Wrinkle Reducer Work?

Unlike countless anti-wrinkle creams, the nourishing formula of Skincepton doesn’t try to enhance skin firmness superficially. Rather, it enters your skin and boosts collagen production (a well-known anti-aging peptide) from within. [1]

This, in turn, accelerates the skin regeneration process procedure on the cellular level. There are a couple of reasons why the cream works out so well for the users, and we’ll tell you all about them.

For starters, the makers of this instant wrinkle reducer discovered the right proportion of SYN®-COLL [2] that’d make it effective. Other average creams on the market usually use ten parts per million components that fail to make a difference on the skin. 

But this one contains more than double the typical amount, and the results speak for themselves. You can check out the accurate and research-based statistics on the official website.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the increased use of SYN®-COLL because the moisturizer is tried and tested in certified labs and hence, works without causing negative health impacts. 

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Skinception?

The instant wrinkle reducer, Skinception is manufactured by a qualified healthcare provider named Dave David M.D. He is the founder of Medical Face & Body Aesthetics in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been certified in gynecology and obstetrics for 32 years. 

Moving on, he is known for his unique approach towards aesthetic enhancements and expertise in skin aging. You might have seen Dr. Dave on The Fox News Channel or CNN as he made appearances on national television for several years. He also served as a news analyst on NECN for a year. 

Needless to say, Dr. Dave has had a long-standing successful career in the medical field. He has been treating skin patients for four decades now and hence, has unique knowledge and insights on curing wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, and various other skin flaws. 

What Are The Ingredients Of Skinception?

The all-around formula of Kollagen Intensiv Skinception is made using natural and top-quality ingredients, tried and tested in FDA-approved labs. It mainly contains vitamins, fatty acids, peptides, essential oils, and antioxidants. 

On top of that, it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals which could damage your skin. In the following sections, we’ll talk about the instant wrinkle reducer ingredients and other product specifications at length. 

A. Key Elements (Present In Higher Concentrations)

1. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

This ingredient is also an amino-peptide that mimics the production of collagen. It works on the molecular level to fasten skin regeneration [3]. It will also help with itchy skin and other minor skin issues. 

2. Shea-Butter

Shea-butter is naturally rich in fats and primarily focuses on softening and smoothing the skin. It serves as an organic moisturizer to stop your face from drying. [4]

3. Glycine Soja Or Soybean Oil

Glycine Soja is all about healing the skin and increasing the uptake of vitamin E. It will make you look more youthful by enhancing the smoothness of your skin.

B. Secondary Elements (Used In Lower Concentrations)

1. Gluconolactone And Cyclopentasiloxane

Both these elements are meant to make your skin plump and stop the appearance of fine lines. They also help in enhancing skin hydration.

2. Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract And Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 

In simple words, cucumber extract helps in multiple aspects like avoiding the sagging of cheeks, protection from inflammation, loss of contouring, breaking of glycogen, and more [5]. The same is true for palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3

3. Glycerol

You might already know that glycerol is a structural component of fats. Therefore, it has similar functions as that of shea-butter and soybean oil. 

4. Green Tea Leaf Extract And Hyaluronic Acid

Green tea leaf extracts and hyaluronic acid increase skin elasticity and toning down the loss of hydrolyzed collagen [6]. They also play a key role in preventing fine lines and wrinkles on top of hydration. 

What Are The Benefits Of Skinception Instant Wrinkle Reducer?

1. Boosts Your NMF

NMF stands for “Natural Moisturizing Factor,” and you must have guessed what it means as the term is self-explanatory. But to break it down, these factors lock in the moisture in your skin to keep it looking youthful and healthy. 

Additionally, shea butter and soybean oil heals the skin and promotes it to absorb vitamin E and sterolins actively. These fat-rich ingredients make the skin smooth and soft. 

2. Protects Against Wrinkles

It’s general knowledge for those who know a little about dermatology that the interlinking of proteins and the generation of heavy biomolecules like interleukins make the skin lose its youthful elasticity. The production of these components increases with age; that’s why skin becomes loose and wrinkly. 

To fight this, Skiniception contains SYN®-COLL in a rich quantity of 25 parts per million, which significantly contributes to toning down the appearance of wrinkles. There’s a good chance its effects will be noticeable within the first month of use. 

While many anti-wrinkle creams promise that results will be visible after a week, Skinception doesn’t make any empty promises or medical claims. 

3. Takes Years Off Your Eyes

Most creams focus on wrinkles, but they forget about the eyes. The anti-aging properties of Skinception firm up the skin around the eyes and make it plump, reducing puffiness, crow’s feet, and fine lines. It is one of the first body parts that show signs of aging and needs special care. 

Furthermore, it fights tanning and melanin build-up, so you’ll see an improvement if you have dark circles. 

4. Turns Back The Clock On Sun Damage

Many ingredients in this instant wrinkle reducer protect the skin against UV damage. Not just that, it can also repair the pre-existing photoaging. 

Ultraviolet radiations present in the sunlight are very harmful to the skin. Therefore, wearing sunscreen is extremely important, even if you stay inside the house as the sun’s rays can enter through windows. 

With Skinception, you won’t need to put on any extra sunblock or SPF as it already has these healing properties. It’s bound to protect you from UV radiations, in addition to reversing the aging caused by them. 

5. Hydrates The Skin

The super-light ingredient, namely hyaluronic acid, hydrates the skin very gently, that too without adding on to the oil content. Skinception has a pretty balanced formula; the makers went for a light component for hydrating purposes as they already used fatty ones for moisturization. 

Additionally, cucumber extract and glycerol retain the moisture in the skin, keeping dryness at bay. Both these ingredients are naturally extracted and will make your skin look youthful and awake.

6. Tightens And Tones The Skin

There are mainly two fibers that support the overall skin structure: collagen and elastin. These protein fibers naturally decrease in the body over time. Although it’s impossible to stop their degradation entirely, we can slow down this process or boost their production. 

That’s when green tea leaf extract and hyaluronic acid enter the picture. Both these compounds prevent the breakdown of collagen, thereby increasing skin elasticity.

7. Improves Skin Complexion

Not only does the cream help your skin age like a fine wine, but it also works on bettering the skin tone and removing skin blemishes. We fully admire and support all skin colors, but if you wish to have a fairer tone to feel better, this product is your best bet. Plus, you can always return the product if you don’t see any difference in the skin complexion. 

What Are The Drawbacks Of The Skinception Wrinkle Cream?

A few drawbacks of this otherwise perfect instant wrinkle reducer are:

1. Availability

The cream is only available online on the Kollagen Intensiv official site and nowhere else. So, if you want this product, you’ll have to order it online. 

2. Affordability

Given its skin-soothing, wrinkle-reducing, fine lines filling, and anti-aging benefits, the instant wrinkle reducer cream comes at a high price tag. But if you want something effective, you’ll have to spare a few extra bucks.

3. Results

Lastly, the results vary a great deal from person to person. You’ll have to be a little patient, both with the cream and your skin type, as the overall results are subjective assessment-based. 


Q1. Can We Naturally Boost Collagen In Our Face?

Hydrolyzed collagen loss is inevitable, and the sooner everyone accepts it, the better. However, we can take measures to slow down its degradation and work on skin hydration. It includes at-home remedies, including essential oils and other ingredients, typically famous in every household.

Still, we’d say that collagen repair creams like instant wrinkle reducer Skinception are the best way to go about it. 

Q2. Can Skin Sagging Be Prevented? 

Yes, you can stop your skin from sagging by taking a healthy and balanced diet, along with a fact-based and scientifically accurate skin-care regime. Poor diet and lack of proper workout contribute to skin sagging, so better avoid that. 

What Are Customers Saying About Skinception?

The Skinception Instant Wrinkle Reducer reviews on the website are mostly positive. Whether celebrities or regular users; almost everyone has something good to say about Skinception. The cream has become a hit among the customers with its down-to-earth skincare philosophy. 

We’d also like to mention that most customers are happy with their results and the fast delivery service of the brand. And you might find the opinions expressed in the customer reviews relatable, so we suggest reading them. 

Even public figures like Lisa D’Amato, Priscilla Ono, and Cindy M tried the cream and were more than happy with the outcome. 

The Bottom Line

Having discussed everything about the effective Wrinkle Reducer Skinception Instant, we hope that you now have enough knowledge on the subject to make a prudent decision. If you liked what you read, give this product a shot. 

The anti-aging properties of Kollagen Intensiv have been the talk of the market for years. And Skinception lives up to the standards by slowing down skin aging and improving skin firmness. 

But do seek professional medical advice before application if you have a history of breakouts and skin irritation due to sensitive skin. In case of problems, reach out to your nearest local emergency services immediately. 

We’ll sign off on that note!

67 Day Guarantee
Kollagen Intensiv

This ground-breaking anti-aging wrinkle cream comes to you straight from the heart of Switzerland. It's formulated with the patented peptide SYN®-COLL, which has been clinically proven to reduce the signs of facial aging on REAL women, with results that have included...








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