Have you felt that your skin needs a little boost lately? If yes, then you may need to start a proper skincare routine. 

Even though skincare may feel like an unnecessary step at first, routine use may help heal your skin by targeting problem areas. Furthermore, you must use the right products to keep the skin free from pollutants and other harmful substances. 

Having said that, many skincare products available on the market are filled with too many artificial chemicals that do no good. Hence, we thought of trying out some of the most advanced products from the skincare brand Mad Hippie, which only uses natural products. The brand is also cruelty-free and run by a couple that believes in giving back to nature. 

So, check out our detailed experience of using Mad Hippie products and whether they are worth including in your skincare routine.

10 Best Products Of Mad Hippie 

Right off the bat, one of the things we really liked about Mad Hippie was the carefully handpicked line of products available from the brand. It doesn’t have a lot of products that can spoil you with choice, but there are enough to make a complete skincare routine. 

Here are the top ten products we tried from Mad Hippie: 

1. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Hands down, one of the most talked-about products from Mad Hippie has to be the Vitamin C serum. Featured in well-established magazines like Allure and Marie Claire, this serum contains Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a stable form of Vitamin C[1]. It gives your skin the much-needed antioxidant boost to make it appear brighter and even-toned. 

Using this serum regularly may even reduce the first signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum offers extra perks due to the inclusion of Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and chamomile flower extract. On that note, Mad Hippie provides a complete, transparent list of ingredients, and we didn’t find anything suspicious or unnecessary. 


One thing to know about the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum is that it’s pretty potent, so beginners will need to ease themselves into using it. 


Overall, we liked the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum because the product works well for all skin types. It also contains a stable form of Vitamin C, so you wouldn’t need to worry about oxidation or dull skin. 

2. Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum 

Another heavily discussed serum from this brand is the Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum, a potent blend formulated to be two times more bioavailable than Retinol. So, on applying it regularly, visible results can be seen in reduced wrinkles and fine lines with an overall even-toned skin. 

The serum contains 1%-2% HPR, which is enough to deliver the right amount of Vitamin A into your skin without breaking it out. 

Furthermore, this Vitamin A serum contains other active ingredients like Phytoceramide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Oat Beta Glucan, and Aloe Vera. The goodness of each component blends and works together to make your skin hydrated and supple to let Vitamin A work its magic, thus providing a youthful glow. 


As this Mad Hippie Vitamin A serum works as an exfoliant, you can’t use it in conjunction with AHA exfoliating peel. 


On checking this Mad Hippie Vitamin A serum, we found it quite effective for those who suffer from dry skin or have just noticed the first signs of aging. On top of that, it even works on reducing sun damage and may lighten brown spots with regular usage. 

3. Mad Hippie AHA Exfoliating Peel

Even though we can hardly see the accumulated dead skin cells on our face, the Mad Hippie AHA exfoliating peel can get to its roots. This Peptide and Alpha Hydroxy Acid-based serum helps you shed dull and discolored skin to reveal a smoother texture. Indeed, regular exfoliation with an AHA peel[2] has been linked to the reduction of wrinkles and age spots. 

Some of the active ingredients in this peel are Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Apple Stem Cells, and Gigawhite. We were also surprised to see white tea on the list, an excellent antioxidant that can refresh your skin. Besides, even though this is a potent peel, you can safely leave it on your skin overnight for a better chance of seeing results. 


The only thing to avoid while using this product is to mix it with a retinol serum as it can irritate your skin as both ingredients are exfoliating in nature. 


The overall quality of this Mad Hippie exfoliating peel is top-notch, and we were really impressed by the impressive natural ingredients. Plus, it contains about 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acids and has a pH level of 4.0, which is pretty gentle on all skin types. 

4. Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil 

Next up, we have the Mad Hippie cleansing oil made with a blend of non-comedogenic organic oils that are good for your skin. That said, the primary oils used in this product are pumpkin seed oil, safflower oil, and rosehip oil. 

Apart from giving your face much-needed freshness, the oils get rid of impurities and pollutants accumulated throughout the day. 

Furthermore, the makers at Mad Hippie add a dash of ginger, an ingredient known for being an active antioxidant and its ability to reduce inflammation in acne-prone skin. An excellent property of this cleansing oil is it doesn’t dry out your face and instead boosts the hydration to make your skin supple. Also, there are no surfactants in this oil, and it wouldn’t dry out your skin. 


As this product doesn’t produce lather, you will need warm water and a towel to remove the oil entirely, which takes a couple of minutes. 


The Mad Hippie cleansing oil works well for getting rid of dirt and makeup from all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Moreover, as it’s a blend of non-comedogenic, there’s no need to worry about facing acne breakouts or pimples. 

5. Mad Hippie Eye Cream

When it comes to eye creams, we are always looking for one to eliminate dark circles and puffiness present in the under-eye area. The Mad Hippie eye cream shows potential as it contains a mix of peptides, Niacinamide, Hesperidin, Kakadu Plum, licorice extract, and other ingredients. This formula has been designed to eliminate everything from the emerging crow’s feet to puffy bags. 

Moreover, this eye cream contains the benefits of antioxidants in the form of crucial vitamins that brighten the under-eye area and give an even skin tone. This product has a hydrating and soothing formula, so get ready to say goodbye to any redness you might have around your eyes. 


You have to apply it every day as a part of your nighttime skincare routine to see the best results. 


There’s a lot to like about the Mad Hippie eye cream as it’s the perfect blend of peptides, antioxidants, and hydration boosters. We especially liked the soothing sensation provided by this cream soon after applying it under the eyes. 

6. Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream 

Are you too tired to use the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum at the end of the day? Don’t worry, as the Mad Hippie triple C night cream provides the complete experience and is made of three forms of bioavailable Vitamin C that easily penetrate your skin. This product is meant to rejuvenate your facial skin and reduce its exposure to daily stressors. 

This Mad Hippie night cream also works to visibly brighten your skin and give it an even skin tone while reducing the wrinkles at the same time. Around 19 cutting-edge actives have been used in this cream, including Reishi, Cloudberry, and Chaga, to give you a natural glow. 


The brand suggests using the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum for oily skin to see the best results. 


The Mad Hippie triple C night cream will give your skin a boost of hydration after a long day of tiring work. And, in a few weeks, you will be able to see reduced dark spots, even skin tone, along with a visible difference in wrinkles and fine lines. 

7. Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist

This hydrating nutrient mist is a unique product from Mad HIppie that gives an instant freshness on application. The blend of Hyaluronic Acid[3] and Vitamin C makes this a potent formula that removes all the tiredness shown by your skin. And, it has a soothing smell that can contend with any synthetic fragrance used in other mists. 

On top of that, this mist is an excellent alternative to regular toners, which can take away hydration from your skin. Instead, this product has ingredients like Sodium PCA and White Pine Bark known for bringing much-needed hydration. Also, you can spray this mist all over your body and massage it gently to get soothing results. 


Due to the presence of Sodium Hyaluronate, this product has a thicker consistency than other mists, but it does absorb into your skin pretty quickly. 


Overall, the Mad Hippie hydrating nutrient mist is an excellent product to include in your daily skincare routine to remove the signs of stress. As it contains Vitamin C, the antioxidants help get rid of dark spots and add a natural glow to your skin.

8. Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil

You may have heard that one of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin cells is to use facial oil regularly. And, the antioxidant facial oil from Mad Hippie proves to be the perfect potent blend for all skin types to make achieving glowing skin quite simple. This product has organic argan oil, which contains essential fatty acids for hydrating the skin without blocking the pores. 

Other natural ingredients like Hemp Seed Extract, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Pomegranate oil, Goji Berry, among others, provide your skin with antioxidants and much-needed nutrients. As a result, it can get rid of skin discoloration and leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth, and well-hydrated. 


The antioxidant facial oil comes in a 30 ml bottle that gets over soon if you include it in your daily skincare routine.


Compared to many other facial oils available on the market, the antioxidant facial oil is beneficial for all skin types and makes the skin soft on regular usage. Moreover, it works well with other products in the Mad Hippie range to let you form an entirely natural skincare routine. 

9. Mad Hippie Face Cream

Are you in search of a moisturizer that can be used during the day? If yes, then you may try out the Mad Hippie face cream as it comes in a formula boosted with peptides and antioxidants. This cream even contains Matrixyl Synthe ‘6, a compound that may rejuvenate skin and remove signs of dullness. That said, this cream leaves your skin feeling better than ever before. 

Plus, your skin gets a boost of natural antioxidants through the Green Tea present in this cream, while the Aloe Vera provides a protective layer from pollutants and irritants. This lightweight face cream is suitable for all skin types, containing Coconut Oil and Argan Oil to provide much-needed hydration. 


This face cream from Mad Hippie has a lightweight formula, so you may need to top it with facial oil for better hydration during winters.


First of all, this product doesn’t have an off-putting smell like many other face creams, which gives it a higher position. Moreover, on applying this cream, the skin stays hydrated for a considerable time without needing any reapplications. 

10. Mad Hippie Jelly Cleanser 

Last but not least, we have the Mad Hippie jelly cleanser, one of the newest products from the brand. You only need to use a tiny amount of this product to see all the impurities accumulated on your face just melting away. Besides, it contains a boost from potent antioxidants like Resveratrol, White Tea, and Chamomile extract to help in anti-aging and reduce dark spots. 

But, the best part about this jelly cleanser is the hydrating formula that keeps your skin from getting extremely dry from the cleansing process. It even contains Rose extract, which works as a gentle astringent to remove excess oil from the skin and tighten your pores. 


If you put on a full face of makeup daily, then an additional heavier cleanser might be needed to take it off entirely. 


If you are looking for a cleaner that wouldn’t strip your face of the natural oils, then the jelly cleanser from Mad Hippie would be a good choice. It’s also good for daily cleansing to remove harmful chemicals and pollutants from your face. 

Ingredients Used In Mad Hippie Products 

When it comes to green beauty brands, the ingredients can be a hit or a miss based on what is used. So, while writing down the Mad Hippie reviews for the individual products, extra attention was paid to the ingredients. The thing that shines out in almost all the Mad Hippie products is the lack of unnecessary ingredients. 

Even a product like the cleansing oil doesn’t have a surfactant but is light enough to remove with just a towel and warm water. Similarly, there are no jarring or overpowering fragrances used in any product. And, the soothing smell of essential oils used in the products feels better than any synthetic fragrance usually used in skincare products. 

Coming to the active ingredients, we were impressed by the high-quality, premium natural components of each product. The Vitamin C shines through as Mad Hippie has managed to find the right formula that isn’t irritating to your skin. Moreover, most products from the brand work well for all skin types, so there’s no need to shop around for a long time. 

What’s more, all products from Mad Hippie are free from animal-derived ingredients, parabens, GMOs, silicone, PEGs, and Phthalates. So, the brand has spent enough time to keep the formulations away from potentially harmful additives. 

Are Mad Hippie Products Worth It? 

Yes, it’s definitely worth getting your hands on some Mad Hippie products. We especially like the skincare kits as they let you try out some of the most effective products offered by the brand. We think that the products are priced well, based on the natural ingredients in each formula. 

Moreover, Mad Hippie has got some great positive reviews, and we are on the same page with these satisfied users. Even the packaging of the products is impressive — notably, the selected dark bottles of serums keep them from going bad. 

But perhaps, what we liked the most about Mad Hippie was the skincare guarantee provided by the brand. So, if you aren’t happy with the products, there’s an option to ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase. 

Plus, as a sustainable company, Mad Hippie follows a recycling program by partnering with TerraCycle. So, you can sign up with TerraCycle to recycle the plastic packaging of Mad Hippie products like eye creams, face creams, or even the dropper top of serums. 

Where To Buy Mad Hippie Products? 

You can get Mad Hippie products from the brand’s website or third-party sellers like Amazon, Whole Foods, and Ulta. Mad Hippie tries to ship within two to three days within the US to get your products as soon as possible. 

If you are on the website of Mad Hippie, navigate to the store locator to find a store that sells the products in your area or any place nearby. And, if you plan to get the products from a third-party website online, make sure to go through the reviews to check for product legitimacy. 

Benefits Of Using Mad Hippie Products 

Here are some of the benefits you can get by using the Mad Hippie products. 

A. Overall Better Skin 

On top of everything, what we appreciate about Mad Hippie is that the products are made of all skin types and work to give you healthier skin. And, with regular usage, you will be able to notice the change within a few weeks. 

Moreover, none of the products are aggressive on your skin. So, opting for using a full range of skincare from Mad Hippie is completely safe and brimming with potential benefits. 

B. Reduction In Dullness And Dark Spots 

By far, one of the most common reasons for people wanting to get into skincare is to eliminate dull skin with dark spots. These problems are aggravated by the pollutants and chemicals present in our atmosphere. 

But, the antioxidants and peptides present in the Mad Hippie products, like the Vitamin C serum and the AHA exfoliating peel, ward away the root of such problems. It also helps to make your skin brighter and minimize dark spots. 

C. Hydration 

As we have mentioned before, your skin will never feel good when it’s dehydrated. And that’s what makes the Mad Hippie product different — many of them contain components to boost the hydration of your skin. Besides giving a smoother appearance to your skin, it makes it supple and reduces textures or dry spots. 

We especially liked the hydration boosting mist as it contains Hyaluronic Acid to draw moisture into your skin from the environment. You can feel the instant moisture seep into the skin soon after spraying and massaging it on your face and body. 


Most of us have a hard time finding the right skincare products, especially ones made from all-natural ingredients. But, Mad Hippie has made the process easier as the brand boasts an entire range of skincare products that lack parabens, SLS, and synthetic dyes. 

On that note, you can surely try the products of Mad Hippie without worrying about harming your skin. And, the best part is you get to customize your own skincare routine or get one created by the team of Mad Hippie. 

So, think about trying out Mad Hippie to change your skincare game and adopt a more natural route to take care of yourself. 


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