Gone are the days when a night cream was the beginning and end of a man’s skincare routine.

Fortunately, a vast number of men’s skincare brands have cropped up over the last decade. But while that has made achieving the ideal skin more feasible for men, the overwhelming number of options can leave them scratching their heads.

That said, our team has conducted thorough research on the various skincare brands out there and has found Lumin to be a name worth trying out. Check out our extensive Lumin skin care review and guide on the ten best products from the brand before you pick one today.

What Are The 10 Best-Selling Lumin Products? 

Lumin has designed a range of skincare solutions for addressing different skin issues that men might face at different stages in their life. Thus, you can find everything needed for creating a complete skin care routine, ranging from serums and cleansers to moisturizing creams and scalp repair solutions. 

Here are the top ten products that impressed us the most: 

1. Men’s No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser

True to its name, the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser is clear about its benefits. Simply put, it provides healthy skin free of impurities. On that note, this product is ideal for dealing with the oil build-up in the pores after an intense workout session or a long day at work. 

This cleanser can also reduce shaving irritation, as its deep cleaning action can remove dead skin cells to prepare your skin for a better shave. Moreover, the formulation contains charcoal, a powerhouse ingredient that sucks impurities and dirt from the pores. Plus, it contains rosemary leaf extract that works to soothe the skin with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties[1].


It contains a blend of fragrant essential oils that might cause skin irritation for some users. 


Thanks to the combined action of activated charcoal and rosemary leaf extract, this cleanser can be an excellent solution for removing skin impurities effectively yet gently. As such, it’s ideal for preventing and curing acne breakouts too. 

2. UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm 

Though you can find plenty of men’s sunscreens nowadays, most of them cannot provide complete protection from sun damage. However, the UV-Defense Balm utilizes a unique formulation to keep the skin hydrated and nourished while protecting against sunburns. 

These properties ensure that your skin never looks blotchy or weathered, no matter whether you’re out in the garden on a sunny morning or lounging on a beach. On that note, the balm includes papaya extract[2] that tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Coupled with this is the anti-inflammatory property of rosemary leaf extract, which helps smooth your skin and shields it from damage due to free radicals.


It isn’t an ideal choice if you’re specifically looking to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 


Loaded with a blend of brightening botanicals and enhanced with SPF-30, this balm is a safe and highly effective product to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

3. Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm 

Keeping your face spotless and preventing breakouts is, of course, crucial. But it’s equally important to replenish the moisture that’s often lost in the course of your daily activities. Fortunately, this face moisturizing balm can help immensely with its formula of natural ingredients that hydrate the skin effectively.

This hydrating action also removes the dull and lifeless skin complexion that can mar your self-confidence considerably. What’s more, the moisturizer can even fight the different signs of aging, reverse sun damage during your sleep, and reduce shaving irritation.


Users with sensitive skin might experience mild irritation upon regular use. 


The intense moisturizing action of this Lumin product makes it a one-stop solution for all kinds of skin damage ranging from breakouts to shaving irritation. 

4. Lumin Men’s After Hours Recovery Oil 

Up next is this powerful solution for replenishing dry skin on days when it needs extra care. For instance, if you travel frequently, the cabin air can absorb the moisture on your face, leaving the skin dry, rough, and vulnerable to acne breakouts.  

But using a bit of this recovery oil before your flights can help retain the moisture and deal with the damaging effect of free radicals. Plus, it’s approved by the TSA as safe for carrying along on your travels. Apart from that, you can use this oil during the coldest of winter days when the skin feels excessively dry and patchy.


Like the Charcoal Cleanser, it contains a blend of essential oils that risk skin irritation. 


This recovery oil can help repair the protective moisture barrier on the skin to make it look vibrant and healthy. It can even act on skin damage caused due to inadequate nourishment during the winter months.

5. Lumin Men’s Anti-Wrinkle Defense 

Prolonged exposure to sun rays can trigger signs of aging, such as dark spots and wrinkles, while also making your skin look dull and weathered. That’s why it’s essential to add a vitamin-rich serum to your skincare routine to prevent such damaging effects.

So, halfway through our list, here’s an anti-wrinkle serum that fits the bill perfectly. It’s loaded with Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C[3], a powerful antioxidant that effectively combats the aging process. This industry staple shields the skin from free radicals, fades dark spots, and tightens the skin.


Users should use this product and a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion to obtain the best results.


This serum’s rich vitamin C content makes it capable of reversing most age-related structural changes and combating similar effects of sun damage. 

6. Men’s Dark Circle Defense 

Searching for a 100% safe, all-natural treatment for dark circles and puffy under-eye bags? Then the Lumin Dark Circle Defense gel-cream is a no-brainer. That said, this specialized fast-acting formulation is designed to depuff unsightly under-eye bags, lighten dark circles, and diminish wrinkles and fine lines overnight.

So, on those days when you need to get up early, this cream can help reverse the tired and groggy look. At the same time, incorporating this cream into your nightly skincare routine can be of great help in repairing under-eye issues that have been neglected for years.


If used sparingly, its effects might not last as long as a few other under-eye creams on the market.  


The formulation of this gel-cream is tailored to treat all short-term and long-term under-eye issues caused due to poor blood circulation. 

7. The Classic Maintenance Collection (Oily Skin)

Whether you’re troubled with multiple skin issues, such as acne scars and dark spots or a dull and lifeless complexion, this three-in-one pack can be of great help. This pack is especially suitable for oily skin, this pack includes the Charcoal Cleanser that helps eliminate oil build-up and harmful bacteria in sensitive pores.

Moreover, a jar of the Lumin Moisturizing Balm is included in the pack to help combat skin dehydration and reduce the dullness of the skin. Last but not least, there’s an Exfoliating Rub that facilitates skin regeneration by eliminating dead skin cells to reveal newer and brighter skin.


Some customers pointed out that the Exfoliating Rub came with half the content mentioned on the jar. 


The Classic Maintenance Collection is an all-round solution for keeping the skin clean and healthy and brightening the skin tone. 

8. The Skin Recovery Set

Is the daily grind taking a toll on your skin? Then the three-in-one Skin Recovery Set from the brand will undoubtedly be your best bet. Firstly, the Charcoal Cleanser can unclog the skin pores by removing dirt, excess oil, and pollutants and steers clear of harmful acne-causing bacteria.

As for the Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm works to hydrate the skin from deep within, thereby replenishing the moisture lost due to frequent travels and grueling work schedules. Side by side, the Dark Circle Defense gel cream provided in the package can be used to nourish and maintain the skin around the eyes.


You might need to use the moisturizing balm more than twice during rough days as it might not stay for long in such situations. 


This kit is a fast-acting and convenient solution for maintaining your skin amid a busy schedule and on the go. 

9. The Complete Skincare Gift Set

Consisting of the best Lumin skincare products that we’ve dealt with earlier, this collection can make for a complete skin care routine in itself. The curated selection also serves as an excellent gift for close ones who are very particular about skincare. 

Notably, components such as the Dark Circle Defense gel cream and the Anti-Wrinkle Defense serum help fight the various signs of aging like fine lines and under-eye bags.

At the same time, the Moisturizing Balm and Cleanser are staples that fulfill all your basic skincare needs. The pack also includes the Recovery Oil that can effectively repair skin damage, while a Microfiber cloth is provided for convenient drying.


The fragrant essential oils included in some of the products may cause skin breakouts for users with sensitive skin. 


Using this Lumin skincare set regularly and per the instructions can help you achieve clean, bright, and younger-looking skin. 

10. The Classic Maintenance Deluxe Collection for Men

To end on a high note, we found this six-in-one pack to be among the best all-around solutions for a range of skin and hair problems that men face from time to time. This pack has the contents of the Classic Maintenance Collection clubbed with three excellent hair care products.  

Firstly, it includes the Keratin Recovery Shampoo that promotes healthier and stronger hair while successfully controlling oil build-up in the follicles.

Plus, the Keratin Strengthening Conditioner is enriched with green tea extract and jojoba oil to prevent hair dryness and fortify the follicles. There’s also an Advanced Scalp Treatment enhanced with tea tree oil to provide your scalp with the ultimate protection from pollution damage and boost blood circulation. 


You’ll need to use sunscreen or the UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm along with these products to ensure adequate protection from sun damage. 


This kit is a perfect choice for those looking to achieve thicker and lustrous hair in addition to clean and bright skin. 


Akin to the name given to its Charcoal Cleanser, Lumin utilizes a “no-nonsense” ingredient profile for all its skin and hair care products. So, rest assured that all the ingredients are of high quality and won’t have any harmful side effects.

In this section, we’ll briefly discuss the most significant ones that are added to a majority of the Lumin products we’ve reviewed:

1. Ginger Root Extract

This natural extract[4] has multiple benefits for your skin, which is why it’s used for a variety of skincare products of the brand. While it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also rich in antioxidants which can fight the skin-damaging free radicals and have anti-aging benefits. 

2. Niacinamide

This compound[5] is yet another versatile ingredient utilized by the brand throughout its skincare collection. It works to reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, brighten your skin, and smoothen skin texture. Furthermore, niacinamide can help calm irritated skin and improve hydration by preventing moisture evaporation. 

3. Rosemary Leaf Extract

Rosemary is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants that reduce skin puffiness and prevent acne breakouts. Plus, such medicinal qualities make it a potential cure for skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. 

4. Ceramide

Most Lumin products for scalp nourishment and hair care contain significant amounts of ceramide[6], a compound with hydrating and skin-strengthening abilities. It helps close the raised hair cuticles that cause hair breakage and restores moisture in the scalp, making the hair roots stronger and lending a shine to your hair. 

5. Licorice Root

This botanical extract[7] works wonders in reversing hyperpigmentation, marked by uneven skin tone and texture. Apart from that, it’s beneficial for reducing skin irritation, redness, and itchiness, thanks to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. 

6. Meadowfoam Seed Oil 

Similar to some naturally-occurring fats in the body, this oil[8] is an excellent emollient as it seals the moisture in your skin, keeping it supple and soft. Furthermore, it can help balance natural sebum production, thus preventing your skin from turning too oily or too dry due to changing weather conditions.

7. Green Tea Leaf Extract

Several studies[9] have shown that green tea is highly beneficial for skin health, which is why its extract has been used in all the brand’s skincare products. 

An important component of green tea is polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals created due to UV-induced oxidative stress. That’s why this ingredient can help combat the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to sun rays.

8. Shea Butter

Shea butter is another powerful emollient that finds use in the Moisturizing Balm and several other products of the brand. It works to soothe the skin by forming a protective film to prevent its natural moisture from evaporating. Moreover, this ingredient can enhance skin hydration by causing water to build up in the uppermost skin layer. 

9. Rose Flower Oil

Used in a significant proportion in the Charcoal Cleanser, rose flower oil can work wonders for individuals with dry skin by facilitating ideal hydration. Furthermore, it’s enriched with various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help nourish the skin and fend off various signs of aging. 

10. Caffeine

Last but not least, caffeine is a key ingredient in a few Lumin products that target signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful antioxidant properties of caffeine make it capable of protecting the skin against free-radical damage. Moreover, it’s a fairly good exfoliant as it can help get rid of dead skin cells from the uppermost skin layer, making it brighter and more youthful. 

Are Lumin Products Worth Purchasing?

Now that you have an idea about what to expect from the best Lumin’s products, you might be wondering whether the brand is indeed worth the investment. Hence, to help you reach a decision, we’ll be putting forth a few key aspects of this skin care brand based on our assessment.

First and foremost, we found the products to be up to the mark in terms of safety of use, which is a primary criterion for skincare. On that note, Lumin products are composed of a balanced mixture of botanicals and safe synthetic compounds that are scientifically proven to improve skin, hair, and scalp health.

Another important observation is that many people have significantly benefited from regularly using various skin and hair care products from the brand. That said, we noticed that most products are available in smaller-sized bottles and containers compared to some other brands, which makes them relatively pricier.

But on the whole, their high quality and transparent ingredient profile make the higher price justified to a great extent. Thus, we can assure you that Lumin is a brand worth incorporating into your daily skincare routine.

Where To Buy?

Lumin products are available on the official brand website and are sold by third-party retailers as well. That said, it’s always best to go for the former option to ensure you get products of the desired quality that are also safe for use. This will also allow you to reach out to customer support in case of any issues.   


In a nutshell, here are the benefits of using Lumin skin and hair care products:

1. Versatility

Lumin offers products suited to meet different skin and hair care needs. The diverse selection ensures that there’s something for every man looking to provide proper nourishment and care to his skin.

For instance, while the Charcoal Cleanser is designed to be the perfect go-to face cleansing companion, the Anti-Wrinkle Defense serum can help tackle the aging process.

2. Cruelty-Free Products

In contrast to other skincare brands, Lumin products don’t contain any animal-based ingredients or those that are harmful to the environment. In other words, its products come with a cruelty-free formulation. 

3. Subscription Plan

For those looking to start a new skincare regimen, the brand offers a beneficial subscription service to get a personalized skincare collection. Customers need to fill up a short questionnaire on skin and lifestyle for the purpose. 

4. Free Trial

To cater to first-time users, the brand offers a free trial on its Age Management and Classic Maintenance collections. 

On signing up for this service, you can get sample-size products delivered by just paying the shipping charges. Note that these products can last for a month when applied as per the said instructions. 

5. Refund Policy

Another great advantage of going for Lumin is the 90-day long refund or replacement guarantee with all purchases. So, you can always reach out to the customer support services within this period if you aren’t happy with a product or are faced with any other issue.   


Hopefully, this Lumin skin review helps you choose the right option for dealing with your skin issues; go ahead and order a suitable product today.

But be careful and don’t forget to consider any prevailing health concerns and your skin type before choosing. You may even consult a skincare specialist if you aren’t confident in this regard.

On that note, we’re going to wrap things up. But we’ll be back with more guides and plenty of other skincare solutions. Till then, take care!


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